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IPOWER is one of the best vDeck web hosting company, established 2001 and has been over 12 years old. They offer high quality plan and suitable for business e-commerce or personal website. It is user-friendly and extremely easy to use; tech support is always there to assist you.

Do you know this IPOWER review website has been hosted here with their professional shared hosting since year 2008? With our real reviews in here, we are able to access and rate their service quality from inside out. We have full access to user account and able to test customer website all these years. In here, we have included editor verdicts and performed various server speed check. All these report are supported by real user feedback and comments. We love their products and services for sure.

Ipower.com web hosting

What makes IPOWER so popular today are their 100% green hosting plan with great service quality, generous features, specification and lowest price. If you are a buyer concerning their features first before even consider to signup or not, here is the basic features and email features.

IPOWER features

Login from their official website, and you will get to this IPOWER vDeck control panel. This is all-in-one management page and in here we can edit domain, change account setting etc. They have integrated all features and shortcut into this console and enable easy access to customer support page.

This IPOWER vDeck is a professional all-in-one control panel and we have been using this since 2008. It is reliable and never failed us. If asked to choose between vDeck and cPanel, we will select this for sure.

IPOWER vDeck looks great

This latest IPOWER SimpleScripts is a new tool that provides nearly 100 open source software inside and ready to be installed into any domain name. There is no extra cost at all. We have been using this for nearly a year now, we simply love it. Comparing with older Fantastico, this is one generation ahead and have more to offer. We are glad they are now offering this upgrade. For this new feature, we are giving them extra scores.

IPOWER SimpleScripts 1-click

What is IPOWER SSL certificate pricing? If your business website require secure data transfer or member login page, this is what you need. Right now, it is available with 50% discount and priced at $29.95 per year only. Order this SSL certificate and choose the domain to apply to, and technical personal will install this for you. Whole process take less than 24 hours to complete.

IPOWER SSL cert ordering page

This shared hosting includes free website builder tools. The most popular Weebly is included and used to create a professional website. It is the best way to build your own website without any programming language knowledge and enable you to save more time. It uses simply drag and drop feature and with over 70 professional designs to choose from.

IPOWER Weebly Site Builder

IPOWER webmail is free. Besides all these great features, their shared hosting plan includes email service and webmail client. Currently, they provide three webmail for user to check inbox, send email, and manage contact list. The latest choices are Open-Xchange, SquirrelMail and AtMail.

IPOWER speed test is available here. Web hosting plan that uses the fastest server hardware and the latest infrastructure will guarantee a faster website performance. Surely no one want to host their website in old server running obsoleted hardware. We always recommend the best and look for the fastest web host.

For shared service, their speed rating is good and not bad after all. With our website used as testing ground, it shows an average loading time of 130 kilobytes per second. Eveything including graphic and design can be downloaded within less than three seconds.

We know IPOWER server speed performance is very similar to what Powweb has to offer. They both shows an average loading speed of 130 KB/sec. However, Powweb with load-balancing technology will be better choice for higher traffic website. For more budget conscious buyer, this is better value for money.

IPOWER website speed test

IPOWER uptime is really good. Our website is hosted with their PRO plan and uptime has been recorded for many years. And this site is the proof of what they have to offer. Give them a try and use this review site as a demo test run.

See the following IPOWER uptime statistic report which we have been captured since 2007. In overall, they had scored 99.827% for the pass few years. This is truly impressive.

IPOWER website uptime statistic

IPOWER affiliate program is recommended to all. Don’t let poor economy slow you down and don’t let pocket run empty as well. Time to earn some money online and here is some good news to those interested for extra cash. They are now paying up to $150 per referral. Right now they have VPS and private server, referring these will give you a higher payout of $100 per sale.

Our Overall IPOWER rating is great. We are comparing one to another, and we are comparing them with many other web hosts including Hostgator, IPage, Bluehost etc. From our years of review and comparison test, we have chosen them as one of the top 10 web hosting company. In most aspect, we are rewarding those perfect scores except the two things which are money back guarantee and upgrade option.

IPOWER rating

Which IPOWER DNS to use? From our research, we also learned there are about 120,000 domains currently pointing to the above name servers. Their current active Domain Name Server are:



This IPOWER review was hosting with them and the domain is registered somewhere else. We are using this DNS pointing to host the site at here. There is no domain transfer required and no extra fees involved as well.

IPOWER Coupon Code and Discount $3.25/mo


This year, their web hosting is available with up to 60% discount. Their price is now the cheapest at $3.25/mo only. This is comprehensive plan that supports unlimited websites and domains at no extra cost. And this IPOWER coupon price is valid for those activated the following IPOWER discount link. This is very limited time offer and only valid for selected time.

$3.25 special offer

Here is one cent free trial promotion. The biggest promotion is now here. Their plan is now only $0.01 for the first month and $4.95/mo after. This is the biggest IPOWER promotion ever.

One penny hosting promotion

Offbeat online treasure contest offer free holiday gift. They have established in 2001 has become one of the leading web hosting in the market, providing the comprehensive suite of online services for small and medium size businesses website solutions. Right now, there is an online treasure contest during this memorable holiday. Check out their offbeat online treasure chest. They got some holiday gift ideas to your friends and your family.

Contest & Online Treasure Chest

IPOWER SiteLock security available at offer price. This SiteLock security has been around for many years, and this is what you need to protect your websites from virus and malware infection. This is the most advanced domain protection feature and highly recommended to all business website. We have been blogging about this feature since year 2009 and right now this SiteLock security is well known and recommended by most of the top web hosting company like iPage, Fatcow, Hostgator, Justhost.

SiteLock Security

We do offer IPOWER rebate for selected customers. Anyone who choose to host with them and willing to spend time writing us real customer reviews will be rewarded with $5 dollars cash rebate. We have conducted this program for many years and using this reward program to help gather some true customer feedback rating. Use the feedback form to submit your review and we will process it accordingly.