Actual IPOWER web hosting reviews since 2008

This IPOWER review site is hosted between 2008 to 2012. Do you know this review website has been hosted here with their pro shared hosting since year 2008? With our actual experience in here, we’re gracefully accessing and rating their service quality from inside out. We’re able to test customer website all these years and actually evaluate their quality in real life. We are testing them and experience it our self. And before you go, we can give you coupon price $3.25/mo too. Don’t signup without this discount.

Is IPOWER any good? This is one of the best vDeck web hosting company, established back in year 2001 and has been over 12 years old. What makes them so popular today are their 100% green hosting plan is with great service quality, generous features and available in lowest price possible. With this review site hosted with them, you can use this as a demo site and testing their service performance before signing up.


IPOWER reviews on shared hosting services. From IPOWER.COM official website, we know they are offering few shared packages and added a new WordPress blog plan this year. There are three options to choose from:

  1. Starter plan is starting at $3.99/mo.
  2. Pro plan at $3.25/mo (offer price).
  3. Pro Plus plan at $11.99/mo.

Their starter plan only allows one domain hosting and the other two are allowing multiple domains to be hosted. What we most recommend is their unlimited plan currently selling at $3.25/mo and this is their limited time offer price. This allows virtually unlimited website and in here get are allowed to host few separate websites in one account. It is come with limitless disk space, transfer bandwidth and domains. Other features including 2500 email accounts and support Outlook client program. And it comes with email forwarding, auto-responders, spam filtering and webmail too.

IPOWER features

IPOWER reviews on average user rating. Our overall rating is great. We are comparing one to another, and we are comparing this with many other web hosts including Hostgator, IPage, Bluehost etc. If we are comparing them with the similar vDeck plan, this web host is excellent and really makes a different. They are offering the same good quality plan at much cheaper price. We don’t see any poor quality or lack of features in here, everything is provided and in highest quality. For pricing, we are able to get this at lower discount price and it really makes some different.


We wish one day they will start offering VPS as found in Hostmonster, Justhost, Webhostingbuzz or Greengeeks. Some expert users will need cloud hosting as found in Site5 and Liquidweb too. Those are worth take a second look.

IPOWER user review and testimonial. Sometime we have to listen to clients and hear what they want to say. In order to know more about a web host, we should consider the customer feedback and testimonial too. Following are the few testimonials from customers:

John: “I signup with IPOWER days ago and put up my websites online. Its easier than my old host, they sucks badly. That is the reason for me to move. They are good so far and easy to use. Most importantly is their products and services are beyond expectation.”

IPOWER affiliate program is paying big commission

At above, we have various coupons and discounts price for new and existing customers. Almost everything is available with special offer price and at least we found a way to get it. All those will help to cut your bill by half and even lower. If you are ready to get even better, there is one last thing to do here and that is signup with their affiliate program and starts referring new customer to them and makes a good $100 per sales.

IPOWER affiliate program payout rate is great. They are paying $100 for shared and VPS customers. And even more for dedicated hosting if you are able to send them over. Following is the IPOWER affiliate program commission table:

  • Shared hosting sale is with $100 commission.
  • VPS hosting sale is with $100 commission.
  • Dedicated server hosting is with $150 commission.

IPOWER affiliate program commission

Why join IPOWER affiliate program? When choosing the best affiliate program to join, the first thing to consider is the product popularity and the conversion rate. For instant, its easier to promote a famous brand name rather than promoting something totally new and no one have ever heard off. This web hosting company for example is one of the most popular and they have been around for over 10 years. This is partner program is being offered since then and they are well known.

Besides popularity, another obvious advantage is the higher commission rate and they really offers up to $150 per sales. They pay in US dollars every month on time, and they are have track record on this. There is no late payment as from our experience.

Our IPOWER speed test and response time (actual site)

Actual IPOWER hosted website put to the test. With our own web hosting account hosted with IPOWER.COM, we are able to test and check their shared hosting speed or performance. This is really simple, we can put any customer website on test and know the actual server download time in real life. This year 2014 is the 6th year we are hosting with them and the last year we are using their service. Right before we terminate the service, we are here to check on their website speed performance for the last time.

IPOWER speed test 2014

IPOWER speed test is available here. For pro shared hosting service, their speed rating is good and not bad after all. With our website used as testing ground, it shows an average loading time of 130 KB per second. Everything including graphic and design can be downloaded within less than three seconds.

We know this server speed performance is very similar to what Powweb and Fatcow have to offer. They both show an average loading speed of 130 KB per second. And why choose this web hosting and not the others? Simple because the performance is similar and the price is much lower, yes we are only paying $3.25 if choosing this web host.

IPOWER speed test 2010

Nothing is worst than having a slow loading website. Imagine having your visitors first found your site and click on the link, but what he is getting is endless waiting time and the site can’t be loaded at all or just partially loaded. This is even worst if the site is showing server error or can’t be served after all. This is the worst it can get and for this we strictly look for a good web host that have the best to offer and their site must be loading in acceptable time. Shared hosting that is not well managed is tend to be abuse or overloaded in certain time, this usually causes server delay or no response at all. And when checking a website for speed rating, we know what to check for and what to look for. Anything found in our radar will be quickly identified for sure. This review website is hosted with them, and you are welcomed to put a test on this site to find out its speed and performance.

Our IPOWER uptime and availability (actual site)

IPOWER uptime is really good. Our website is hosted with their pro plan and uptime has been recorded for many years. And this hosted site is the proof of what they have to offer. Give them a try and use this review site as a demo test run. And remember to checkout our website availability stat to find out the real truth about their service uptime. They have 3 shared hosting plans, and the one we are using is the unlimited pro plan that comes with unlimited domains. And we are using this service from 2007 to 2012.

See the following website uptime statistic report which we have been captured since 2007. They had scored 99.827% in average and that is truly impressive. Not many shared hosting services are able to deliver this or even making this possible. For very small service fees, we are able to get this remarkable performance from here.

Can this IPOWER service uptime be any better? Anyone looking for a much better website uptime percentage than this should be upgrading to VPS or dedicated server plan. Shared hosting is still a shared environment and there are hundred if not thousand of websites hosted in one server. A more specialized VPS with clustering will definitely improve on this and the private server is the most ultimate solution for any scale. All these web hosting products are now available here too. You can subscribe to any of these upgrade options, migrate over and start getting a more superior website availability rate.

Our IPOWER uptime statistic for pass 6 years

IPOWER vDeck and simplescripts installer

How to login IPOWER vDeck control panel? Login from the official homepage website and you’ll get to this vDeck control panel. This vDeck is a professional all-in-one control panel and it’s reliable and never failed us. If asked to choose between vDeck and cPanel, we will select this for sure. This is not a basic version or strip down version that lacking features, this is the complete full featured control panel and we love it.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your account username and password.
  3. On successful login, you will now arrive at vDeck main page as following.

IPOWER vDeck control panel

IPOWER vDeck control panel and software review. Within this control panel page, we can choose to switch to any available PHP version. Use the CGI and scripting language, go to PHP scripting configuration and select from any version available, this including PHP 4, PHP 5.2 and PHP 5.3 as well. After confirmed the selection we can set it and apply the changes to server. There is no delay or waiting and we can instantly run website scripts that require the newest PHP to run.

IPOWER Simplescripts installer review. This latest Simplescripts is a new tool that provides nearly 100+ open-source software inside We’ve been using this Simplescripts and simply love it. Comparing with older Fantastico, this is one generation ahead. There is no bug or error found inside this new installer tool. Comparing to the previous Fantastico that is still buggy, we love this new one-click installer apps.

SimpleScripts installer

IPOWER vDeck review on adding SSL certificate to your domain. What is the best SSL certificate pricing? It is priced at $29.95 per year and anyone ordering this private SSL certificate can choose the domain to apply to, and technical personal will install this for you. For limited time, this SSL offer price is now 50% in discount and any business website are advice to get this.

SSL cert save 50%

IPOWER vDeck review on adding domain privacy protection. For all your domain name that is registered via IPOWER.COM can be protected with domain protection. If this is your domain registrar, here is the domain WHOIS protection available. Price start from $9.95 per year only for the classic domains. For specific geographic domains and premium domains, the pricing can be higher.

Domain privacy addon

Designing an effective and user-friendly website

Website design does not only involve a website’s appearance, but its usability and function as well. The first thing that visitors notice on your site is its design, which is one factor for judging the site’s effectiveness. A well-designed website helps the visitor in accessing all of its features and viewing the content clearly and comfortably.

Over-designed websites often have poor performance and substandard Google Analytics parameters such as high bounce levels, few pages every visit, low conversions, and many more. Filling your website with too many features is not the key to make it effective and high-quality.

The website design reflects the owner’s characteristics and his company’s products and services. First-time visitors would doubt your site’s credibility, trustworthiness, professionalism, and quality. With an effective website design, all their doubts will be gone. Though the design is not the most important aspect of the website, it has a greater contribution to its first impression.

Given below are the principles in making your site user-friendly, effective, aesthetically pleasing and interactive.

  1. Use of colors.
    To effectively catch the attention of the visitors, appropriate colors should be used. Colors represent different meanings. If your site is about education, blue and green are advisable to use. Red is used in catching the visitor’s attention. Usually, designers use red font color in highlighting important words. Blue signifies trustworthiness and credibility, while green represents decision-making. Yellow shows intelligence and white promotes simplicity. Do not use too many colors. Three to four shades should be enough, but make sure that they complement each other.
  2. Animation, widget, and medium.
    If you think that these things will not enhance the site’s usability, do not include them in your website. Installing an animated background is not a strong strategy. It makes the visitor dizzy and confused. Music can be a sort of distraction in some cases. Autoplay music should only be added in music-related sites. You can only utilize such media in enhancing your site’s content.
  3. Layout.
    The structure must be clearly navigated and the components should be aligned properly. In this way, all visitors can easily find the features they are looking for.
  4. Typography.
    Any site should have a readable content. Make use of fonts, text colors, and text sizes that are pleasing to the eyes. It is advisable to utilize section headers, short paragraphs, bullet lists and number lists. This is to help your readers in scanning your content. If you will use a dark font color, make sure that the background is light.
  5. Be consistent.
    In all pages, make sure that the elements are consistent. Maintain the same theme, tabs, sections, font, font size, font color and other features on your site. The articles are the only exception to this rule. In this way, your visitor can easily remember what your site looks like. Usually, a website has three page layouts – homepage, form page and content page. Make sure that these pages have the same theme.
  6. Make use of appropriate images.
    Without images, a website looks very dull and boring. However, a website designer must be cautious in using them. A recent research showed that pictures of real people are not effective in encouraging customers to buy a company’s product. Make sure that the images you will use are relevant to your content.
  7. The site should have a great navigation system.
    Visitors tend to stay longer on a website if it has a great navigation system. In simple terms, they can easily find the information they are looking for. If the content is difficult to find, the visitor will leave the site and go to another site with easy-to-locate information. Make sure your site has a search tool. The search tool must be found both along the header and footer. The visitors should be able to locate your old posts easily.
  8. Ensure that the site is accessible to all visitors.
    Whatever web browser the visitor uses, he must be able to access the site. This is to make sure that you can get the highest possible traffic. Make sure that your website is well-matched to all types of browsers and smartphones. Since the time android phones and smartphones became popular, people developed the habit of surfing online during their free time. To ensure that mobile users can view your site, you must ensure that the site is compatible with any type of operating system.

These are the things you should bear in mind to make your website design effective and user-friendly. For us here at this review site, we do follow the simple website design guideline and try our best to create website that is clean and simple to understand. People are here for information, and we are providing it in a structured manner and present it in readable format.

Best ways for monetizing website

Website is a best method through which there is possibility for you to make money online. There are chances for the individuals to get better way of promoting their business and also to earn good amount of money through the various methods that are implemented. There are so many methods available that can be implemented on website so that there is possibility for the website owners to make good amount of income.

These methods are having their own benefits which should be used by the individuals in monetizing their website. Understand the various aspects related with these methods and choose the one that are appropriate for the purpose of making good amount of income.

  1. Sell space for advertisements.
    For any blogs or websites, the best way for making money through the traffic that they have generated through various methods is advertisements. If your website has got good amount of traffic you can sell the space on your website for posting advertisements. According to the amount of traffic that your website gets there is possibility for you to make that much amount of space. This is the best way for getting better amount of income. There are chances like Google Adsense which can help you in earning money as per the number of clicks. This is the method that can provide you with guaranteed income and it does not require you to put much effort also.
  2. Creating job board.
    A job board is another great way for you to make money. There are chances for the people who are looking for some employees to post the jobs on the job board that you have set aside in your website. People who are interested in these jobs reply for the job postings. This is the great and easiest method for monetizing website which can provide you a good and guaranteed amount of income. There are many plug-in of job boards available online that can be used for making use of these methods that you think can be suitable for your website so that you can set a job board in your website. In the beginning charge less money and when they get responses they become happy and may return back to you. There is no need for you to do anything other than setting up a job board.
  3. Selling services.
    The best and popular technique that can be used for making money is selling the services. You should give the information, testimonials and also the button for the customers to click and buy the services. This is the method which can increase the rate of conversion if you are setting up a blog with many postings that are relevant and associated with the niche of your service. It can be much easier for delivering and also for lowering refunds.
  4. Collecting emails and marketing them.
    Collect the email ids of the visitors to your website and use these email ids for sending the details of the various products and also promoting the brand. There is possibility for the individuals to get better kind of methods so that company can get better effort. There are chances for the individuals to choose the best ways of making good income through email marketing. This is the direct method for marketing and can reach to targeted audience. It is much easier and also simpler.
  5. Reviewing products.
    There are chances for you to make money through your website by publishing review of various products as an affiliate marketer. Along with the review that includes the specifications and all the positive side of the product you may also need to share the link for buying the product. According to the number of sales that are generated from the link that you share through the review can provide you with amount of income. You can do small reviews in which you can pick so many best products and need not have to talk about the negativity of them. This is a great source of income for many of the website owners who have become successful in generating a huge amount of traffic. When you are reviewing the products make sure that these can be the ones of some interest to the audience of your website. The best thing to do is to do the review of the products that are related with the niche of your website.
  6. Offering membership website or having premium contents.
    You can provide the contents and also certain services available to the audience of your website only when they become member of your website. It is necessary for each individual to pay a standard amount in the form of membership fees so that they can avail the various features that are provided by this website. Individuals can really make use of this method for monetizing the website. The contents can also be made premium based so that the website owners can earn a fixed amount of money for the content that they are posting on the website or for the various services that they are offering the visitors.
  7. Creating and selling digital products.
    You can make digital contents by yourself and sell them through online. There are so many options available for you in the form of digital contents. You can sell PDF files also in the form of digital contents by which you can easily help in making money. You can really make the good amount of money through the digital contents that you have created.
  8. Hosting webinars and selling something.
    You can use your website in hoisting webinars and selling the products of other companies. This is also an affiliate marketing method that can really work very well with your website. Choose a company that is related with the niche of your website and promote their products through webinars.
  9. Writing tutorials and promotions.
    You can write tutorials for various things and thus promote the various services and products. You can choose a software product or something and then write tutorial the way to use that.

Why web hosting reviews are important

Web hosting reviews are more important than ever because of a number of reasons. If you are starting your own site, it helps to make the best decisions from the very beginning, but there are so many choices that it truly boggles the mind. A great hosting service can take all of the trouble and heartache out of launching your own site so you can worry more about content and performance.

As you set out to find the company that works best for you, it is important to stay focused and to be aware of the reasons why web hosting reviews are more important than ever before. Ignore them at your own risk. Here are some reasons why you should not, though, in case you’re wondering.

  1. Lots of competition.
    There are hundreds of companies out there that are vying for your business today. And there is so little time to know who is right and who is wrong. Instead of sifting through each one and trying to make a decision in the dark, you should be paying attention to web hosting reviews to cut through all the noise that the web naturally brings with it. No good business decision ever started with one refusing to put in a respectable amount of research ahead of time. Don’t fall into the trap that comes with too many choices. It may seem like you can always try one and if it doesn’t work out move on to another, but the reality is it can take a great deal of the wind out of your sails when hitting those early bumps in the road that a poor web host can cause.
  2. Awareness of a company’s strengths and weaknesses.
    Knowing a company’s strengths and weaknesses and then being able to apply them to your situation and your site’s current status is important. Not all great web hosts will be ideal for you right off the bat. You may only need shared hosting in the beginning, for instance, and one company may be weaker overall but better at the type of performance that you need for your site. Be strategic and realize that it is not a one size fits all type of thing. It could be that the company you are with today is not the best one for you as your site grows and your needs turn more complex.
  3. Your bottom line depends on wise decision making from the beginning.
    Good decision making in all aspects of your business are important. You wouldn’t go with the first wholesaler without checking on others and without hearing what current customers of the wholesaler have to say. Why should web hosting be any different? Put in the right amount of research time in the beginning to prevent the later hassles.

Those are some of the main reasons why we have started this review site in year 2008 and continue to review their products until now. We know this is something different and we do understand their strengths and weaknesses very well.

IPOWER coupon 60% and $3.25/mo (use this signup link)

What is the best IPOWER coupon for 2014? Their web hosting is available with up to 60% discount. Their price is now the cheapest at $3.25 per month only. This pro plan is a comprehensive plan that supports unlimited websites and domains at no extra cost.

Don’t signup directly via their official website, that will mean paying $3.95 per month for the same plan. Choose to use our coupon link here and we will make it $3.25 per month for you. This is exclusive offer and only valid here. And this code is valid for those activated the following discount link.

Get 60% saving with this IPOWER coupon link

Once this is done correctly, the 60% instant saving is all yours. Don’t signup without this in hand. Here are the summaries of what you will be getting:

  1. Unlimited disk storage space and data transfer.
  2. Unlimited domain and email accounts.
  3. Free domain name.
  4. 25 MySQL database.

IPOWER coupon price comparison. They are now introducing the lowest offer ever? Regularly it is $8.49/mo and now it is with over 60% in saving. This is a huge percentage and why are they offering this is due to strong competition off-course. We can name a few web hosts and compare their lowest pricing here, the picture will be clearer. Here are some of the top web hosting companies and their coupons:

Having a 60% discount price is not odd after all. They are allowing first time customer to enjoy lower price via special introductory offer. And that is usually how web hosts are promoting their hosting plans; they are encouraging more users to signup and use their services by giving them initial discount. This is a common marketing practice and the better their promotion is, the more customers will come to them. When one web hosting company is introducing a new lowest point, this usually means they have pool of web servers available to be filled up and they want to get them quick. This is the ideal time to signup with them and gets an empty seat at discount price. Don’t wait until all seats already taken out and there is not much remaining. This is something like an early bird deal and first come first serve.

IPOWER coupon on annual plan promotion. This web hosting is great in many ways and they keep making it better. With the new signup page being introduce this year 2014, here is what it looks like. After choosing a free domain name, we are here choosing the term duration. The options available are:

  • Choose 1-year and cost $4.25/mo. Total is $51.
  • Choose 2-years and cost $3.25/mo. Total is $78.
  • Choose 3-years and cost $3.25/mo. Total is $117 (most recommended).

Discount price $3.25 activated

IPOWER coupon on WordPress hosting plan. They are now introducing the all new plan and their introductory offer price is just $3.00/month. This is much more affordable and cheaper compare to any other. This plan is even cheaper compare to their conventional unlimited hosting plan that currently selling for $3.25/month.

They claimed this optimized service will allow your blog to perform faster and expect to see near 60% in overall speed improvement. There is integrated themes and plug-in for your blog and together with malware protection and removal tool being integrated. And the best part is this WP plan is now in sales and new customer can grab this for only $3.00/mo. Absolutely no promo code or expiry date, choose to signup now.

IPOWER WordPress Hosting Plan

IPOWER coupon on free trial and one cent hosting. The biggest promotion is now here. Their pro plan is now only $0.01 for the first month and $4.95 per month after (regular renewal price). This is the biggest ever and valid for first 30-days only. They called this penny hosting and it only cost you one penny to get started. Absolutely no coupon code to remember, choose to signup during promotion period to automatically entitle. This one cent promo includes unlimited storage, transfer, and domain names. Following is the homepage showing their penny hosting promotion.

IPOWER one penny promotion

IPOWER coupon on SEO service addon. They also have various addon products with great offer too. We spotted this search engine optimization service from them currently offering at $299 one-time charge. This simple SEO service will help your website get listed in Google, Yahoo and Bing search and getting natural traffic. This will help to generate sustainable website traffic for long term. As you already know, search engine traffic is free and absolutely no cost involved. Once your website gets a good ranking, it will receive significant amount of web traffic and real customer that buy your products and spend money in your website. All these are website search engine ranking benefits and should be considered.

IPOWER SEO marketing services

IPOWER coupon on free toll-free number. A real good professional web hosting company should be doing all their thinking and made their service plan better for businesses. This including having the better hardware and software. When reviewing them, we look into all specification and search on their free gifts or addon products that will help business to grow and prosper. This is one web hosting company that keep improving their products and offers more than what their users can ever imagine. For this year, we see they are now coupling this new free toll-free number into their professional plan. This mean your business can now be reached via online website and toll-free phone number. There is no monthly fee in this and there is no equipment require. It also includes auto-receptionist and easy management application. There is 100 free minutes included free inside this phone number too.

IPOWER with free toll-free number

IPOWER offbeat online treasure contest. They offer free holiday gift. There is an online treasure contest during this memorable holiday. Check out their offbeat online treasure chest. They got some holiday gift ideas to your friends and your family. Choose to signup with this web hosting company and get entitle to take part in this contest.

Online treasure chest contest